Saturday, September 27, 2008

An opportunity...

So, each day when we pick up Alia... there are 10 other beautiful babies (that are not coming home with us...). We have the coolest opportunity to be able to play with them each day also. Brad and I have decided that we will bring as much as possible back on our next trip (which will actually be Anita and I). We can take as much as we can carry/pack with us. These babies share pacifiers, toys, clothes (mainly sleepers and jogging pants), etc... The babies are between 6-18 months (mostly wear 3-12 month clothes).

The items will have to be small and light. I know that the Dollar Tree and Burlington (in the .99 section) are great places to buy toys for cheap. Please let us know if you'd like to take an opportunity to help us bring a little extra back for them. Space will be an issue, but I have some ideas... I'll bring as much back as I can for these little babies. I wish you could see them... they are all beautiful, fun, and sweet babies.


Anonymous said...

we will enjoy helping you take more of what they need back with you. Our church is not big on missions :( and i miss it. this is a wonderful opportunity! We are also planning on coming up on the weekend of the 25th so we don't miss the reunion. we are so anxious to meet Alia.
Uncle Richard and Tammie

Anonymous said...

As someone that has sat in an orphange in a foreign land and experienced first hand children who have absolutley nothing I complelty understand your desire to help make the lives of these children just a little better. Rest assured, I am sure there will be more donated than you can possibly cary back with you. Please continue to pray for what these children need the most, a mommy and daddy that will love them forever.

BTW Brad, I will catch you up on the world of sports as soon as I can compile all the happenings of the weekend.

Pat G

Heckert's Highway said...

Steph, My friends started an organization call twoheartsforhope to help the children of kaz. They are always looking for families traveling to kaz, to take a box of donations for them. Their web address is: Contact them and tell them I told you about them and tell them what you are doing and they will ship you a box or two full of donations free of charge to take back with you to Kaz. Teresa was able to take one with them. I wasn't able to get one in time:O( They would be so excited to connect with another Kaz family.
Their names are Stacy and Kim. They adopted last year with our agency. Check out their blog and their website.

Love ya, Jenn