Sunday, September 21, 2008

And… we’re back!

Here we are again, back in good ole Kaz! For some reason, I had to buy a bag of m&m’s and some pear juice. … I was so happy when I found them! Talk about comfort food. I think that tomorrow morning we begin the process in our region (that made me need some chocolate!). We have one more flight tonight and then we should be settled in our “new home” for the next month or so.
So, we spent most of Friday at the Mall of America (since we had a 23 hour layover in Minneapolis). That was fun! If you know me, you know that shopping is my favorite hobby! If you know Brad, you know that he walked around for quite a while, but then noticed a huge Madden 2008 tournament going on in the middle of the mall… needless to say… we parted ways for a bit. We did ride one of the roller coasters at the theme park in the middle of the mall. I got some fun pics and videos, but don’t have time to load them on here yet… pictures to come…. Hopefully soon.
Please remember to pray for us as you go to bed tonight…
Hang tight… hopefully we’ll figure out internet pretty soon and can put lots of updates out there. Until then, we love you all… more to come!
Steph and Brad


teresamartinpike said...

Oh, you just HAD to say "pear juice" didn't you???? That is the #1 thing I miss in Kaz!! Enjoy it!!!!!! My mouth is literally watering right now...

Anyhow, I will be praying, I think of you throughout the day! When I do I say a prayer for you both. Actually, for all THREE of you! :-)

Can't wait to hear more!

Love ya,
Teresa (and Winston and Sophie)

Clayton said...

M & M = Memorize & Meditate. Since 23 people at Oakridge are memorizing 2 Peter 1:2&3 I suggest starting there. You can make it 25.

We love the 3 of you and will be praying without ceasing.

Clay, Sharon & Trista.

nancy h said...

Glad you made it ok...looking forward to the updates and especially the pics...good that the mall had something for both of you and that you had an enjoyable way of passing the time...will be praying and waiting.

Love you guys