Saturday, September 27, 2008

One more... (save the date)...

I know... I've got lots to say today... :)

Brad and I were hoping that the internet situation would be such here that we could send out an invitation by email, but... no such luck.

We are hosting a benefit dinner on October 25th at Oakridge Baptist Church. There will be food, entertainment (including Brad and I), and we have special speakers coming to share with you. The speakers are our friends who 's baby just came home from the same region (and room) as Alia.

We are very excited and hope that all of you will be able to attend. More news to follow soon! If we do get internet in our hotel, we'll be sending invites, if not... this will probably have all the info. The dinner will be donation based and all the money that is raised will go to the "Bring Alia Home" fund. :) Stay tuned... and save the date. :)

Love you all!
Steph and Brad


Brian said...

Good news.. my schedule is free and clear of dentist appointments that day!

Congratulations go out to Brad for winning the fantasy baseball league. Expect to receive a certificate in the mail sometime within the next 10 years :)

We're all excited to meet Alia!

Sheila said...


So glad to hear things are working out this time. We are thinking and still praying for you guys.

Sheila, Mark & Ryan

Alia's Aunt Kellie said...

Hey Brad and Steph,
I miss you guys!! I love reading about what is going on there. I have been telling all the people at work about how you are there with her now, and so the candy money is coming in good. Please give Alia a big kiss from her Aunt Kellie!! I can't wait to meet her even though I already feel like I kinda have. Can't wait till you can come home. Love you three lots and lots!! Kellie

rjwb9688 said...

Brad & Steph,

I just caught up on all the posts and am thrilled for the both of you! Have a wonderful time with your new baby girl! Also, I could send you all a meximelt from Taco Bell. I hear they travel well. :)

Ryan B.

nancy h said...

So much going on for you guys right wonderful that you are getting to spend so much time with Alia and the other babies. Sounds like this experience is much different than before and much more positive. Continuing to pray as you will have many decisions/plans in the near future that have to be finalized. Take care and keep us posted...

Anonymous said...

Just for Brad

Dont know if anyone is providing you updates. But, just in case here you go. Enjoy!!

College Footall
In the top 10
1 USC lost to unranked Oregon State 21 - 27
3 Georgia lost to 8 Alabama 30 - 41
4 Florida lost to unranked Ole Miss 30 - 31
9 Wisonson lost to unranked Michigan 25 - 27

Just for fun. 7 Texas smoked Arkansas 52 - 10.

New AP top 10

Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Missouri, Texas, Penn Sate, Texas Tech, BYU, USC, South Florida.

MLB playoffs

NL - Div winners = Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers. WC = Milwaukee
AL - Div winners = Rays, Central TBD (if White Sox beat Detroit today they will be tied with Minn., Angels. WC = red Sox

Rams fire Linehan after 0-4 start. Haslett named interim head coach.

Pat G