Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ha! I sure do wish the pizza here tasted like pizza there! :)

So, the lock costed us $10! Not a huge amount... just annoying...

Today is hard...I am tired, hungry and ready to go home... just not without my baby. I am SO torn, because I can't wait to get home but then I will want to come back because part of me will be here... :(

We decided to be adverturous today and went to a little food place with our Russian for Dummies Book. We basically pointed and ate... so, how did that work out? Well. Brad's tummy is happy (at least for right now).. the rest of us??? Well... not so much. Oh well... worth a try.

Ok, I have a lot on my mind today... so I'm going to do another post...

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teresamartinpike said...

I wanted to let you know I read all your blogs, even if I don't post on them! I try to post as much as possible though because I know how much I appreciated them when I was there!
I really feel you when you're talking about "I am tired hungry and ready to go home." My heart aches for you, it truly does. I know better than anyone how you feel... no, that would be Jenn. But other than her, I know better than anyone how you feel! ;-)
I'm really glad things are going so well. I cannot wait to meet her! Sophie and Alia will be lifelong friends just as their parents will be. I miss you and Brad! Hope to hear more soon!!!
I talked to your mom, Steph. And a couple of your sisters and your dad... on Skype. It was good to see them again. But it made me miss you more.

Gotta get to bed... I'm taking Sophie to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital tomorrow for her first check up. I'll be leaving my house at 5:45! yikes!!