Friday, September 26, 2008

Anyone know a good locksmith... here?

Ok, so this morning was WONDERFUL! Alia is SO happy in the mornings! I love it when we get there and she is just waking up and she sees us and smiles. :) Anyway, we were able to attend a little birthday party there, complete with cake, music, dancing and a puppet show! Too fun! We also had passport pictures taken today. Yippe! :) One step closer...

AND... as if that wasn't great enough, we got to take her outside. Today has been the warmest day since we have been here. Funny story though... When we said we were taking her outside, they took our little girl who was already wrapped in about 4 layers... put a snowsuit on her, an extra hat with 2 pointy tops and a scarf. The poor baby couldn't even move. :) She just kept a smile on her face though... the whole time. After being outside for about 20 minutes, I looked down at her and she was completely asleep! I guess we wore her out. More great pictures.

We did go to town today... made some animal noises and ended up with cheese pizza~ oh well... actually, as picky as I am... that's probably good. The thing about "town" is that there are lots of places. It is wonderful... we just don't get there very often. Now that we have figured out the taxi thing... we'll probably go more. :)

Ok, so the title... tonight we went back for our second bond time... when we got there, the door to our room was locked. We found the key and tried to open it, but the keys weren't working. A really nice lady came by and tried to help, she got the key to turn, but then... nothing! It was stuck! She quickly took off... leaving all of us to explain...

Apparently we had the wrong key... whoops! So, needless to say, we didn't get to go to that room. When we left a couple of hours later... the key was still hanging there... I bet we get the bill for that one! Funny thing is... like the lady who actually got the key stuck, we could have run... but you know... we didn't. Oh well... hopefully new locks aren't too expensive.

So, hope you don't mind... but since we can't blog as often... looks like we blog longer. :)

What a great time reading all your comments! Thanks for keeping up with us...
By the way... Winston, I heard they have Magnum Ice Cream Bars here and I've been searching and searching... with no success, but... I WILL NOT give up! I desperately need one. We did find a Baskin Robbins here. :) That's pretty fun.

Ok, well... we bought some cereal today, so dinner is sounding wonderful... better get going.
Lots of love to you all!
Steph, Brad, and Alia :)


nancy h said...

Here we worry about dangling chads, there you have dangling keys...

I guess all the layers are the same as my grandma telling me to "cover that baby's head" whenever I took Abby out as an infant (born when temps were 80-90 outside, just couldn't see wrapping her too much). Glad to know someone's filling in for your mom while you're there:) And also glad to hear that you're finding things to eat...dropping 20 lbs after this delivery isn't quite the same. Did you gain weight with this "pregnancy"?? The similarities tickle me.

Still praying and praising...

Kim said...

Thats great that they let you take her outside! I remember seeing pictures of the toddlers in the chinese orphanges bundled up so thickly that they could not possibly get back up if they fell over. It's crazy.

Alia sounds so precious! Keep us filled in with the stories of the day.... its incredibly hard to wait to see pictures. I just want to whine like Hannah and say "But why???" Lol.... But I understand completely.


Anonymous said...

Brad & Steph,

We are so excited for all of you and can't wait to see pictures of Alia!:D She's a lucky girl to have such loving parents and grandparents!:D

It's so awesome to see how you two have trusted God and waited patiently for just the right child. We know He has special plans for Alia!:D

We're glad you found a Baskin Robbins and Dennis said to be sure and get Rocky Road!

Susan & Dennis Dusenberry

Heckert's Highway said...

I am so jealous that you get so much time with her. How warm, or should I say cold is it over there? I miss those days of just walking and bonding with my girl. We still have the bonding happenning, but the singular activity of walking is replaced with the multi-tasking of house cleaning, etc...

Good luck with the lock issue:O) Hee Hee!! Everyone has to have some funny thing happen to them while in Kaz:O)

I can't tell you how many days and nights all I ate was cereal!!! Have some cherry juice for me over there. I sooooo miss the juice, lol!!

Love you guys!! Jenn

becca c said...

Is it really that cold there?? Snowsuit...that is funny. Does their cheese pizza taste as good as our cheese pizza? And it is always good to have a real ice cream place. A girl needs her ice cream.
Keep posting,
Becca, Nathan, & the boys

Pudgy Pencils said...

Was it real cheese, or goat cheese? :)I'm thinking it didn't matter - at least it was pizza, right!? (maybe?!)

We're so excited to hear about Alia rolling's so cool that you'll get to experience so many of her "firsts" since she's only 7 months old!! That was a big month for Micah - he started army crawling, and getting teeth, and mastering sitting up and putting balls into holes, and saying Mama for the first time!! Does Alia have any teeth yet?

Nana and Papa Davis said...


Your nana and papa are so excited and can't wait to welcome you home. When we told Chessa she had a new cousin she said "I already knew that Alia was coming home." I hadn't even told her that you were a girl. I think God has been confiding in her.

Your family (church family included) is very large and we hope we don't overwelm you but we all intend to spoil you with love.

Keep showering your mommy and daddy with smiles and memories so they can share with all of us at home.

We love you,
Nana and Papa Davis

teresamartinpike said...

Winston chuckled at your stories, especially the ice cream bars one. :-)
Stay strong! Find them!! Especially the "premium"... mmmmm.