Monday, September 29, 2008


So, Brad and I woke up on Sunday feeling adventurous (well, I did... I had to convince Brad that he did too). :) We went to the front desk and asked what bus #'s would take us downtown. Tina, Marilyn, Brad and I hopped on one! After 2 stops... they made us get off because it was the end of the road... so, we hopped on another one! :) This one took us where we wanted to go.

We went to the "Big Green Bazaar"! Yes, shopping! All I bought was a pair of socks, sunglasses (because Brad broke his), some little washcloths (very hard to find here), and M&M's! Yum! We also found a good place to eat. I got Cheese Pizza... it almost tasted like Sbarros! :) Brad got some spicy pasta stuff. He liked it.

So, now that we know how to get there.... we will be spending many afternoons downtown. It's so much better than the norm here. :) Napping... one can only take so many naps... and we are on our way to figuring out just how many that is...

Today Alia and Lily (Tina's baby) had their first experiences with bubbles! Alia didn't know what to think at first... but she really liked them. She started reaching out to grab them and would eat them if she could.

Who knows what we'll do tonight. Rumor has it... we might be able to play outside again. :) Bring on the layers!

By the way... Pat, Brad thanks you for the sports updates. He's been wondering. Oh, and Ryan... Brad says you could go ahead and send that Meximelt this direction... an interesting science experiment... like the milk in college. :)

Oh, and Winston... no Magnums yet... I still have lots of time though. :)

Love ya all! Keep the comments coming... we're getting VERY homesick!
Steph and Brad


Kim said...

Glad you finally found some place to shop. It gets really boring to stay in one place while having to wait out all the technical adoption stuff. Katie and I took to the streets almost every day in Ethiopia to keep from going stir crazy and we were only gone 12 days. Well, atleast you know where to find some decent food now :)

Once Alia gets hooked on the buble thing you need to go out and find some bubble gum and blow her some bubbles. Hannah always got wide-eyed whenever we did that. It was always soooo funny.

Hannah says hi, by the way.
Looking forward to more details on Alia, when you can!


Brian said...

Don't underestimate the naps! Before we had Micah, I had a friend at work say "stock up on sleep while you can" and he was right! Wouldn't it be great if we could really do that, and then use it later when we are tired? Anyways, glad you all found some fun downtown spots!

nancy h said...

I take it the ride home was uneventful, since you didn't say you had any problems finding a return bus...and you apparently made it. Glad you found someplace to eat and hope you find a few more while you're there. You're getting to be quite adventursome. Buses confuse me here, where I can read and speak the language, can't imagine how difficult it would be there. Keep the news coming, I think I'm addicted...

Heckert's Highway said...

Not too much longer guys!! You'll be heading home soon and will then be back before you know it:O)

So glad you were feeling adventurous and took the bus:O) I think I'd be on it every day too, if there was nothing else to do. What is the temperature there? Is it cool enough to want to go out more often? Have you had many movie nights lately? LOL!!! I'm having Columbo withdrawals, hee hee!!!!!

Give that baby girl kisses from her auntie and cousin!!

Love ya lots, Jenn & Alea

Grace Ann said...

Hey guys!! I am glad to hear all is well! I miss you guys and can't wait to see YOUR baby girl!! I am just so darn happy for you guys! and Steph, it sounds like you are a natural at being a MOM....having a baby throw up on you..and not caring! I NEVER thought I would hear YOU of all people....anyway...can't wait for your whole family to come home...have a great trip and keep the blogs a commin'! Like Nancy, I think I am addicted too!
Love ya and praying for you!

Ryan, Grace
Matthew and Emma

teresamartinpike said...


I just talked to Jenn on the phone, and then read her comment to your blog. I miss just a few things about Kaz.
1. Hanging out with you guys and Jenn.
2. Pear juice.
3. Columbo episodes (the older the better)
Nope. Just 3. LOL

I've got a lot of updates on Sophie, I'll try to email you soon and let you know how she's doing.

Love to you all,
Teresa, Winston and Sophie

Anonymous said...

You only bought 3 things?? ;) I still cannot hardly wait to see all 3 of you guys home. Miss you all.