Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's some Mal of America videos!! I hope they load for you all!


Marc and Kellie said...

So, what is a Mal?

Who cares? It has

OH MY! THAT IS A LOT OF LEGOS... I wonder if I have that many at home... we should have all our friends put all of their Legos together and build something...And then I could keep them all in my backyard :)

Much Love and more Prayers!

Missing you already (but it was worth the Legos...)

Marc and Kellie

Becca, Nathan and the boys said...

Those legos are sooo cool. I've got 2 small totes of legos...but I don't think that will be enough to build the awesome thing with shoes.I am glad to see you took some time for yourself to go will have to tell me about the wonderful experience. I told Nathan, he will have to take me there one day.
Waiting for more posts,
Becca, Nathan & the boys