Monday, July 21, 2008

Since Alia won't work anymore...

We need some help from you! Can anyone help us think of some boy names for our little guy? We need names and what they mean. We've been doing some searching, but when we look at him nothing seems quite right just yet. Sorry, you'll have to help us without being able to see him. Here's a hint, Ethan, Caleb, and Luke are three names that are being considered (although, that crazy Davis family I married into, named a dog Caleb and are having some problems with a baby being named the same... although, it was a long time ago... what kind of name is Caleb for a dog anyway?)! You know I love you all... just had to throw that in there for fun. :) So... help! Bring on the ideas for us!


Anonymous said...

Elijah- Means The Lord is my God. The russian form of this name is Ilya.

Good luck finding the right name!!


Jen and Micah said...

Well of course Isaac springs immediately to mind, meaning "Laughter" (a reminder of the amazing ways God works!!) ;) And Joel is a great name too...meaning "God will be willing!" Or a double whammy would be...Will Joel (this whole situation is definitely a God thing, and your little boy being very clearly HIS "Will" :)

Mrs. Thompson said...

Abisha- God's gift (hebrew)
Abimael-God is my Father (hebrew)
Dominick-belonging to God (?)
Eliot- The Lord is God (from Elias)
Fyodor-Gift of God (Russian)How do you say this?
Gabe/Gabriel-God is my Strength (from Hebrew) My personal far...aside from Caleb!

Bryan said...

I've always liked Zachary. It means God has remembered.

Another possibility, and could even be used as a middle name, is Alexander, or Alex, (Aleksandr in Russian) which means "to protect".


Janie Waltman said...

I agree with Bryan on Zachary as the first name and Alexander as a middle name or even Alexander Zachary, they both work!!! Have fun! And you know what?? If you guys like the name what if the crazies had a dog with that name :):) Odds are ~ with every name you pick someone is going to have some kind of "connection" with it (good or bad) :)

anita said...

I like Eli--high or ascent it also means my God

But I like what others are putting also.

Bryan said...

Actually, Caleb was the first name that came to my mind before I even read that you were even considering it. I also like Zachary though. Daniel is good too, but I have the rights to that one.

In sort of meshing what has been said about Caleb Alexander, or if you're feeling adventurous Caleb Aleksandr, which I kind of like myself.

You guys will come up with something.


GMA said...

How about "Eliya" - putting the "E" before the Russian "liya"-form of "Elijah" Pronouncing it as you would say " Elijah" except leaving the "Ja" sound out with the "ya" taking it's place.
Yep! you're right = your GMA is losing it!!!
love you GMA

nancy h. said...

I really like Caleb and Gabriel, but not necessarily together...Gabriel Alexander is good, but don't like the initials if paired with Caleb (CAD). Are there any Kazak names that you like? Haven't been able to find any of those yet, will keep trying. I feel honored that you have asked for input with this...thanks.

Anonymous said...

I personally lean toward Kaleb Bradley Davis. The K in Caleb could stand for Kazachstan, and it would be nice for him to have his Daddy's name in it. I also really like other suggested names of Elijah (Eli), Zachary, Gabriel, Joel, and also really like Joseph.
Good luck on your decision and may God Bless you all!

Jen D said...

Another thought:

Semyon (Russian form), Simeon or Simon, meaning "God is heard"

Kim said...

I just spoke to the mission team via cell phone, LIVE from Tijuana! They are casting their vote for names - How about Juan, Matteo, or Exavier....

(lol) Just kidding.

They did however take an informal poll and of the three you are considering, "Luke" was the winner.

Just to give you a Mission team update... They got an incredible amount of work done today. They basically got the house up in one day, minus some drywall mudding, interior paint, and one window yet to be installed. The Kitchen crew has no stove or oven to work with and is feeding everyone with one griddle and one coffee pot that they purchased once they got there. The boxes that Pat shipped got there, so Pat is breathing easier.

Pray for them to stay hydrated. since the weather is not too hot it kind of sneaks up on you. It is very dry and dusty there.

Pat had me on speaker phone and they were all asking for an update on you three, so I told them about the name issue. Good luck on that one! It is much harder (in my opinion) to find a name after you have seen their precious little face. I dont know why...

Love ya!

Marc and Kellie said...

Do you think there would be a lawsuit if you named him Chuck Norris Davis? I liked Exavier also, but his first name would have to be Professor...
I would tell you that I am voting for Pedro, but I am not.

No, Seriously... Kellie and I vote for Caleb or Ethan. If you do go with Dominic Kellie likes this spelling better.

I also like Lucas, but Kellie is not a fan of this name (that means I won't fight you for it :P )

Good luck, and Many Prayers!!!

Heckert's Highway said...

OK, so I personally think Caleb and Ethan are AWESOME names!! I'm not prejudice or anything:O) LOL!! But, if you don't want those names, I'll go with Isaac(laughter), Judah(praise), Gabe(God is my strength), or Zachary(God has remembered.) Ok, so I'm sure that has helped you narrow it down even more, ha ha! All of those are good strong bible names and I think they all fit that beautiful baby boy of yours:O) For all of you who haven't gotten to see him, he's beautiful!! You'll fall in love instantly!! Have fun choosing a name:O)
Lots of love, Jenn

dad & mom S&L said...

Hey, I don't know who anonymous is...but I really like the Kaleb Bradley Davis!!! That is a winner! But we will take anything at this point. Well maybe not anything!Juan, Matteo or Exavier? ok, Pat!!!


MaMa Teresa said...

I think his name should be one of the following, not in any particular order of preference:

Elijah, Alex or Evan.

My mommy typed this for me. I hope you can come over tomorrow to tell me how cute I am again. Maybe we'll get pizza from World of Pizza again? My mommy really liked that!!

Sophie ;-)

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Brad! Jeff told me about your site. This is awesome. Praying for you. I did international adoption work when I worked for the US Senate. I know there are a lot of hoops. Call your US Senator or Rep if you run into problems, hee, hee.

I vote for Eli. Although, I know what you mean about seeing your baby and knowing if names are right or wrong for them. You'll know what's best. We named both our boys after we saw them. One name totally changed after the birth and then we called him the wrong name for a week, ha, ha.

We've got Miles and Graham. Best wishes!

Kellie said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the girls and I at work have been trying to think of good names. Doree came in today and said Miles (or Myles) Bradley Davis sounded good because you went miles to get him. Just thought I would throw that out there to you. I miss you both lots and lots!! By the way Steph, I have been checking the blog at least 3 or 4 times a day. So you should be very proud and honored to get all that internet time. LOL

Your Sis,

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yeah, as Kellie said, Miles is a great name! :) Miles Kaufmann and Miles long as it's not too confusing when they play fantasy sports together, it should be ok and pretty cool actually!