Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is this butter??? :)

Ok, so the grocery stores here make it quite hard to figure out what it is that you are purchasing... I think its so that they can get you to come back when you get home and it's wrong. :) Anyway, we were hanging out with our friends last night and decided to make some popcorn... since you can't just buy microwave popcorn here, it has to be done the old fashioned way. Ok, so on with the story... sorry... So Winston came home with a package and said, "is this butter?" We all laughed! What a funny question to have to ask. It wasn't butter.... it was creme cheese, so we did have to go back... oh well.

So, we moved into an apartment today... fun stuff. So, I was hoping for the internet to be working there, but not yet... so, if you are expecting an email... sorry again. Its just not working out well for us. Hopefully we'll get it back soon. Until then, here I am at a cafe, yet again... to post a blog.

I'll try to post more soon... I have some good pics to post, but ... hopefully next time.
Signing out for now... Steph and Brad.


nancy h. said...

Sounds like fun...but did you get your popcorn? Just another thought on names...if you really like Caleb (Kaleb), the short form is Cael (Cale, Kael)....

Pudgy Pencils said...

It's awesome that God has surrounded you with so many new friends even across the globe!! I've enjoyed reading "Sophie's" blog too and finally seeing her cute face in the blog photos this week. I'm especially looking forward to those new pics of yours... ;)!!

Jen D

Anne said...

Actually, cream cheese might be really good on popcorn--you might want to try it sometime. I have certainly enjoyed sharing some of your experiences with you via your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care--Anne

Teresa said...

We never did make our popcorn that night, but it turns out, Stephanie, that the slab o'yellow-frozen-rock-solid stuff we bought WAS indeed butter! Yay! Go Teresa and Steph!! :-) Score one for the girls' team. lol
And by the way, you'll have to read my blog, I posted about the "Shymkent!! Where are my wipers????", and then another one that sort of connects to it.LOLOL
Hope to see you today sometime!

Sheila L. said...

Wow, now every time I smell microwave popcorn down the hall at work (even burnt)...I'll think of you and laugh!! It sure is fun to keep up with what's happening with you so far away. We are all thinking and praying for you. Even my son. I have to share this story...I showed him where you are on his world map and told him about your adventure. The next evening at dinner he continued a silent prayer after our normal prayers. I asked him if he was praying for Great Grandma and he said "no, I'm praying for the people getting the baby"! :) He's so sweet.
Take care!
Sheila L.

Tim S. said...
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Some call me...Tim? said...

Sheila almost made me cry! I'm so proud of him! Thanks for updating me in the hall today Sheila!

Brad and Steph,

There is so much buzz about you two and getting your boy at work it is nutty! Julie and I are praying for you guys and your safety. We love you guys!