Monday, July 21, 2008

O where is my hairbrush...and shoes...and underwear???

Funny thing about our hotel...the cleaning crew comes in and TOTALLY cleans the room. They fold our clothes straight from the suitcase and put them on the shelves in the closet!! They put all of our shoes neatly by the door, and I pity the fool that puts too much misc. stuff on the nightstand. All of that and they only leave one towel when they're done...and you know how Steph is about wanting to share towels with me!! She only uses her towel once a day at home, let alone after I've used it!

And yes, they folded my underwear and put them in the closet.

We're going through the "bonding period" now. We visit the baby house once a day and get an hour or two to play with the baby. (Thanks for the name ideas btw!!) Right now he loves Steph and he's not so sure about me yet. Unless he's in a great mood he'll kind of look the other way when he sees me. (Alright Grace, go ahead) The babies haven't seen many men before, especially not ones as scary as me!!! Everyone says all the dads have had the same problem, but he'll get used to me soon enough.

brad and steph


Mrs. Thompson said...

That made me laugh out loud! It's awesome to read about your experience. BTW, I've finally got skype up and running. Love you all!

Kim said...

Sounds like the bonding is going well. I have read that you actually want them to attach securely to one person at a time.

There were no men in Hannah's orphanage either. We were warned that Pats moustache would probably freak her out because of it, but instead she couldnt stop staring at it!

MaMa Teresa said...

LMBO @ your blog, Brad!!!

Missed you guys today, hope to see you tomorrow sometime.

Teresa and family

Becca said...

Glad to hear things are going well. And I am impressed they actually put your things away, that is some kind of service!!
If you are interested, I have some boy clothes I'm ready to get rid of, if you would like to go through them, they are yours.

Miranda said...

I am laughing out loud at the hotel staff folding your undies and putting them away for you!!!

As for the name I partial to Jerimiah (The Hebrew version means: God will raise up; God will set free)

Russian: Ieremiya - The Lord will rise)

Anne said...

Was out walking tonight and had a thought on something you might try to help the baby warm up to "Daddy" just a little better. Have you tried playing with balloons? Thought the baby might like to bat it back and forth--maybe start w Stephanie since he trusts her and then when he's having fun gradually work Brad in on the game. Also, if there's a ball, you might be able to get a little game going of rolling it back and forth among the 3 of you. He also might like to ride on Daddy's back soon. It will just take time, but know he will soon warm up to all of you. Can't wait to see him and have enjoyed keeping up with the blog. May God bless you! Anne