Saturday, July 12, 2008


Steph says..."How do they expect me to pack all that stuff on the "packing list" and not go over weight limit?"

Ahh...packing. When you're going over seas for a month how do you know what all to bring? It seems like it would be simple: clothes for me, clothes for her, but wait!...what about baby stuff, books, DVDs (in English), and what about those packing lists you get from everyone who's been over there already? Just to give some perspective...the link at the bottom of the page has like 300 suggested items to pack!!! What?!? It also says somewhere that you should make sure you don't take too much luggage...I give up! ;-)

Well, our next post will be from across the pond!


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Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Just for your info... this is the first comment I have ever left on a blog. :) I am so excited for you and CANNOT wait to see pics and hear of your adventures. I'm thinking and praying for you guys constantly. Love you.