Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gum... grrr!

So, crazy thing about this place... Yesterday went out for lunch. Our bill was 1036 tenge (that's pretty cheap, only sounds expensive). Anyway, we gave them 1200 and they gave us .60 and a pack of gum as change! Are you kidding me?! It was only a 5 stick-er too! So, here is the plan... next time we go to that rest. and it's the same price, we are going to give them 1000 and a pack of gum and see how they like it. :) Our translator can't wait to hear how that goes.

Such a different thought process... what can I say??? A month sure is a long time! We miss you all lots, but really are having a great time!

Between the folding of the underwear, electricity going out at random times each day, and packs of gum for change... we sure are looking forward to coming home!

Hopefully we'll post some more later today... later we will be heading to our new little friend, Sophie's... to play with her and her family a bit. :) Oh, and going to look at an apartment today... hopefully that works out. Then we will have constant access to internet (well... as constant as constant can be here. :). Love you all! Steph and Brad and... tbd.


anita said...

Okay, I'm trying to figure out which one of you is growling. It's only been one week and you guys have had a life time of experiences.

The name game is causing quite a stir. It's fun yet....

Hang in there because this month will fly by.

nancy h. said...

Well, that's a new twist on having mints available as you leave...never been forced to partake before:) So much has happened and you have only been there a week, so far. Wow! I'll be praying about the apartment...it'll be nice for you to have a place to yourselves (though I could get used to having someone else pick up after me all the time).

Lenny K. said...


Speaking of candy/gum, thanks for leaving your candy bars behind ... but no Heath! ;)

Looking forward to meeting the little guy. What a bundle of joy, eh?

Lenny @ VCU