Monday, July 28, 2008


So, the longer we stay here, the hotter it gets. Apparently sometime this week it is supposed to hit 115! That's craziness! So, I don't care what everyone says... humidity or not, that is hot!

We still haven't figured out what our next step is... we are just waiting... as patiently as possible, but it is pretty much driving us crazy (nope, apparently we were not already). Every day that we continue to hear nothing means more money and more time here. The "happy side" is that we are more thankful for our home, family, friends, jobs, and country every day.

A couple of days ago, we went to the zoo with our friends here. I'm even more thankful for our zoo! :) I can't even begin to describe what we saw. We did take pictures, but since I'm not on my computer, I can't put them on here right now. All that I can say is that our hippos, monkeys, girffes, camels, birds, crocs, lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), etc... they are VERY lucky.
Brad searched all over the zoo for a Honey Badger, but he never did see one. I'm pretty glad that we didn't see one... :) those things are scary looking!
So, we remain packed and ready to go... just waiting for a happy phone call... we'll keep you posted. Love you all! Steph and Brad


Kim said...

Praying you all hear some news soon. That is HOT! I used to have relatives that lived in Laughlin Nevada. Its kinda like a Las Vegas, but on a much smaller scale.... Anyways my Aunt said that the weather men on the TV always lied about the temp and fudged it down by 8 degrees consistantly because they were afraid the heat would affect tourism there. (How stupid is that!!) Its the only place in my life that ive ever been that gets up to 110 - 120.

Stay cool (or at least try) and know that we are praying.


Brian said...

Zoo stories are the best.. here is one from Ravi:

A rather well-built man saw an advertisement for a job at the zoo. When he went there, he was horrified to find that the only job they had open was for somebody to play the part of a monkey. A lot of children were coming in the next few days, and the zoo, having no monkeys needed someone to impersonate one. Since he really needed the money, the man decided he would take the job. He arrived before sunrise, got into the monkey outfit, and slipped into his cage. Finally the day dawned, and the children came. All he had to do was slowly pace the floor, look rather agile at swinging between trees, and eat the peanuts and bananas whenever they were fed to him. After 8 or 10 hours, he became thoroughly exhausted. The bananas were getting the best of him. As he swung from 1 tree to another, he got nauseated; he slipped and fell into the lion’s den next door. He shouted, “Help! Help!” The lion leaned over and said, “If you don’t shut up, we’ll both lose our jobs.”

still prayin!

nancy h. said...

You guys weren't wanting to diet, were you? Sounds like you could lose a few pounds just walking outside...seriously, you are making sure you dring a lot of water, aren't you? Is this the hottest area in Kazahkstan? Is there a possibility that when you move the temperature will break some? Something else to pray about.

Becca said...

I will be praying that you hear some news. I can only imagine how tuff this must be for you. I know it has been said serval times before, but try to stay cool and drink plenty of H2O-the good stuff. And I can't believe it takes 4 hours to do laundry. That is craziness! Just a side note, I did get the volunteer position at Children's Hope, and the funny thing about it is I will be helping out in the Kaz department, thought that was pretty crazy when they told me that. Well hang in there and try to stay cool.
Becca, Nathan, & the boys.

Marc and Kellie said...

Doesn't Brad know better than to look for a honey badger in a cage? That is like trying to cage Chuck Norris's left leg. Not sure why just the left one... but oh well...

Our prayers and hopes are with you

PS: In the new house now... Power stays on 24/7... Sorry Steph.

Lots of Love
Marc and Kellie