Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anyone want to buy some cute little girl clothes?

Well... we are sorry to keep you all waiting. We've tried to update as much as possible without the info that everyone has been waiting for... but at last, we have the info! We have our baby!... well, not physically with us for a while, but we know which baby is ours. Here's the deal... just when we think we have everything figured out and we are in control, we are reminded ... yet again... that we aren't in control, but the One who is... knows exactly what He is doing and what we need. :) Anyway... Here is what we are able to share on here... 18 months, 18-19 pounds, very tall, very huge and beautiful eyes.... our little boy! :) Yep... boy it is.
What am I going to do with all those little girl clothes??? Well, I have girl shower gifts for the rest of my life... and, I might keep a few because who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I have a little boy and he pretty much stole our hearts the first moment that they brought him in to us. So, looks like Micah might have someone to start a fantasy league with someday. ;)
Of course... our little boy will know that life isn't ONLY about sports... (Brad says, "whatever", but I'm the mom and... well... you know. :)
So, we've had quite a roller coaster ride here, but now we know why we came here. We can't wait for you all to meet him. Oh, yeah... no name yet... we are working on it. We didn't really have a plan b when we started, but now... it's in full effect... a plan b. :)
We have some great pictures of a day that we took to ourselves to just relax, run around town and have fun. We'll be posting those as soon as possible. If my battery lasts now, it might happen now, but we wanted to be sure to get this one out there.
Keep reading... we'll continue to put more out here. We still have a long time here and REALLY enjoying keeping in touch with you through this. Keep posting those comments!


kim said...

Oh my goodness! Gods hand is always so amazing in adoption. I had a feeling that you would just "know" once you saw your baby.
It really is a "God" thing, its hard for most people to understand unless you've been through it.

Im sooo excited for you! Cant wait for more info!


Pat G said...

Um, WOW!! That is amazing. I had a pretty long night last night, up all night fighting with DHL. Long story. Kim came down and told me a few minutes ago that you got a boy. At first I thought hmm, thats cool. Then it hit me. It was like WOW, how did that happen. Then I thought, (laughing,) this is adoption anything can happen. This pretty much put my problems with DHL to bed. Now I just wish I had gone to bed, 24 hours till we leave for Tijuana and Im a basket case trying to figure out how to reroute our boxes that did not get delivered on time. Oh well it will all work out. Have a safe and wonderful rest of your trip. The anxiety part is over :).


Pam W. said...

I can't even imagine how your all's emotions are going. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and well, I'm just an adoptive aunt. ;-)
Life is full of wonderful surprises and some come weighing 18to 19 pounds.

Pam W.

Grace said...

Steph and Brad! How amazing is this?!?!? I am sooo excited for you! A bouncing baby boy! How wonderful! God is sooo good! Let me know his sizes and I'll see what I still have around here... and MORE SHOPPING!! WOOHOOO! Let me tell you EBAY is awesome! Anyway... I am so glad you got to meet your baby.. I can remember the day my children were born.. what a joy! I am sure he's just beautiful and I can't wait too meet him... and knowing the name.... I can't wait to you come home! Miss you guys and Praying for you often!


me said...

Micah says, oh boy, oh boy!!! A BOY!! A BUDDY!! A PAL!! this is so cool, only God could do it!! I even have clothes that might fit him - you guys need to come over when you get home and check out the "selection." ;)

We are all totally blown away by this turn of events and all we can say is...whoa. God rocks. We love you and will continue to pray for this cutie to be in your arms and home to you very soon!! We of course are anxiously awaiting the name announcement!!

Love, Micah, Jen and Brian

Janie Waltman said...

It's a BOY!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys! God is good, and man you are right when you say that He is in control! Have fun and give that baby boy lots of hugs & kisses!

grandpa and grandma D said...

Well, I just figured out how to leave my comments (with the help of Kellie) and it is just in time. We are so thankful to God- sometimes His ways are not ours- but we are much grateful that His ways are infinitely above ours!!! I love it when He just surprises the socks off of us! I really think He has quite a sense of humor! We love you all and can't wait to get our arms around you all!!! It is time to go shopping!
much love
mom and dad or should I say
grandpa and grandma

Clay said...

Sounds like you non-existent Plan B just became your PLAN A. Congratulations

Clay said...

Sounds like your non-existent Plan B just became your Plan A. Congratulations.pouthi

Nancy H. said...

How cool! Bro. Steve told me how you met your baby and it was just awesome...had tears rolling. It amazes me that God has everything under control and that he knows what we need and makes it happen for us. Congratulations! Can't wait for updates.

anita said...

It was great to talk to you via skype. You guys look great and I think Sophia will make a great granddaughter-in-law. She's beautiful. We know that your little boy will have great parents and Brad really deserves a rough and tumble boy. We can't wait and my prayers have been answered. Thank you Father!!!!
Mom and Dad

Mrs. Thompson said...

Wow! What news to wake up to! The little part about how this boy stole your hearts nearly made me cry. We are so excited for you, and God is in control, so who needs to plan?! Love you, and can't wait to see my new nephew.


Marc & Kellie said...

Sometimes God gives us a wake up call... and sometimes it comes from your in-laws to tell your wife the wonderful news... at 3:00 in the morning...

I was not woke up by an earthquake this time, but this will rock the life of our family I am sure.

Much Love, and more prayers...

Marc & Kellie

Emiley said...

A boy?? That is so awesome!! I am so happy for you guys! And we have tons of little boy clothes in our basement if you need to borrow some - you can't dress that baby in pink! :)

RichnTamiD said...

umm, i might be interested in the little girl clothes for Kaiden... lol. so glad to see and "hear" from both of you and know you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Congratulations on your little boy!!! I guess he won't be wearing that Wonder Woman onesie!!!
Can't wait until you get home!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new son!!! I'm glad you finally got to see your baby...It's amazing how you knew which one right away.

You're in my prayers.


Tara said...

How exciting!!! A little boy will definitely bless your home. I am so happy for you both! And enjoy getting to know your little one! :) Always an adventure!
:) Tara

rjwb9688 said...

Congratulations! It must be such wonderful relief and joy to see your new son and finally be able to direct all that love to a child that needs it.