Monday, June 25, 2012

Our 4 hour walking tour today... we must have walked at least 10 miles.  We were able to see much of the tourist areas today.  Lots of culture! 
After the pics, there is some info about our meeting today... 1 of 2.
St. Basil's Cathedral - Beautiful!  We went inside, but weren't able to take pictures.  Very beautiful inside with a quartet of men singing traditional songs of Russian Warriors.  They were awesome.

Don't mess with this gun.  Look at the size of those bullets. :)

At the entrance to the Kremlin.

Inside the Kremlin walls.

Red Square

So, the first of our "meetings" was today.  We were totally not prepared, but not our fault.  Our luggage has still not arrived (supposed to come tonight between 8pm and 6am).  
Anyway, no make up, hair washed with body wash not shampoo, Brad in shorts (totally bad!), and we had been walking around the area for 4 hours (also not our fault, the agency set up the tour for today... I tried to change it twice).  Lets just say we were looking great!
We explained about the luggage and they just laughed (I think it was an understanding laugh).  They asked us several questions and looked at our paperwork.   There were a couple of questionable moments (which is normal), but then things started to really improve when they saw our family photos.  They asked many questions about why we wanted to adopt here. We explained that we were happy that our daughter and this child could share much of the same cultural background and many of the same items that remind them of where they are from (gifts that we bought for Alia from Kaz are very similar with some exactly the same as here),  Anyway, it was accepted.  So, now we wait.  They will ask us to come meet with them again.  We just don't know when.  Hopefully soon. 
Please keep praying for us.  There is still so much ahead, including the meeting with the baby.  
Sounds like we should know more by tomorrow night. 
We'll keep you posted.  
Love you all!
Steph and Brad


Some call me...Tim? said...

We'll keep praying! Sure hope your luggage does make it tonight. I know that it will help make your trip a bit easier anyhow. Keep us updated. Your posts are amusing and heart warming.

Kathy said...

Love seeing the country. I know you will build a book for the little guy as a remembrance. Hot here and water will be off in subdivision all day for moving fire hydrant. I know you are missing the heat!!Will keep praying for you akd your family. Kathy