Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few pics...

So, I wish I could just put a pic of little man on here for you all, but... I can't.  After court is when I believe we can post pics.  We did take a lot though... :)

Really what you need to do is imagine Alia as she was when we first brought her home, now add about 10 pounds, now add bangs and give her short hair (well, a little bit of a bowl cut... not shaved like hers, he has lots), then put her in some overalls... ok... you are really close. :)

It's amazing actually.  Never underestimate the power of God.  He can even bring a family together from 3 different countries. We showed our translator a picture of Alia and she said, "Wow! They actually look like brother and sister!"

Oh, and for now... just going to keep calling him "little man".  We have to name him tomorrow, but... we are still a bit unsure on what name we are going to give him.  His social worker at the hospital gave him the name Aleksandr.  The baby house calls him "Sasha".  We were going to rename him, but Alia says his name is Alex and that is what she is going to call him.  So, we need to figure out a middle name.  I can think of lots of great boy names that have Alexander as the middle name, but nothing is flowing for me with Alexander as the first name.  So, we will keep thinking and praying.  Oh, and I just can't keep the Sasha thing...

We started at noon today.  Waited for an hour at the first stop, then had to drive for a long time to get to second stop, then finally made it to baby house, just in time for naps.  A very sweet lady woke him up from his nap and brought him in so we could see him really quick. We got to hold him and take one pic.  He was in his jammies... looking super cute.  We received all of his medical information and everything they have about his family (pretty much nothing).

After that, we had to leave for an 1 1/2 hours, so we decided to eat.  Went back, and they walked him in the room sportin' overalls, shoes, and nicely combed hair.  He looked like a little doll.  They call him "Peach" for a nickname and also "pumpkin".  Peach, because his skin is so soft and perfect... pumpkin, because he weighs 20 pounds (guessing on that one... they told us why peach, but not why pumpkin). :)

So, we were only supposed to have him for a couple hours at most, but an emergency situation happened at the baby house and our driver had to help out.  We were able to hang out with him for an extra hour (not happy for the emergency, but thankful for a little more time). :)

I mentioned on Facebook about the picture of Alia.  That was probably one of the coolest times.  He just kept that picture in his hands and kept looking at it and smiling.  I tried several times to give him different pics, other toys, etc... nothing.  He was not going to give up that pic and he was going to make sure I didn't try that again. :)  Very cool.  He just kept saying her name too... and daddy.

He liked me ok and let me hold him and smiled lots, but he LOVED Brad.  Anytime Brad would move, he would crawl toward him and lean on him... as if to say, "Don't leave".  They made funny faces at each other and made funny noises.  He tried to copy everything that we did.  We played ball, stacked cups, made noise by hitting the cups together, stomped on the floor, etc.  Hoping that tomorrow is nice and we can take him outside (because the room we were in was small, hot, and boring).  Of course they will bundle him up, but hopefully not with a ski coat!. :)

Well, its after midnight and tomorrow is going to be a little early for us "vacationers".  Guess I better try and get some sleep. Here's a few pics from our day... one is about as fun as I can do...   :)  Only 3 more days until we are home... can't wait to hug my Alia!

I'll post more tomorrow, but don't know the schedule yet.  I know we get to go back to visit in the morning and hopefully again in the afternoon, but we'll see.

Love you all and goodnight (or day). :)

Guess who!  Cute ear, huh?

Outside of the MOE, this is the "Referral Angel" statue.  The Referral is what you have to have to go visit any specific child.  Anyway, it's a well known statue... so we took a pic. :)

Our "place" at night.  Cool, huh?  Check out that traffic at 11 pm on a Thursday night!  It's 12:45 now and there are at least 3 cars just driving down the road holding down on the horn.  Its insane!  Now 2 + emergency vehicles just went by.  This place is seriously crazy loud!

Ours is the second building... I think. :)
The buildings keep changing colors and flashing.  Check out the sky at 11 pm... still not dark.  

We had to wear these at the baby house. :)  I KNOW Ron is laughing at this one! :)  He is thinking about the box of these shoe covers that I keep at my front door. ;)

Good night all... will blog more soon.


Anonymous said...

I like the name Aleksandr you could call him Alek. That is my vote. Good luck! I am super happy everything went great today. I can't wait to see pictures when you get home. Love you!

Pudgy Pencils said...

Love it :) Aleksandr is great spelling - you should totally keep it! We think Aleksandr Eli Davis (Eli or even Lio short for Elliot all meaning "My God" to remind you every time you see him of how He worked in such amazing ways) would be cool (and of course whatever you come up with!) Also like Aleksandr Evan (God is gracious) and Alex Levi ("he will join"). Alek Zacc Davis is kinda "fun" (short for Zaccaeus, "the Lord remembered".) I know whatever he ends up with will be perfect for him, just like his big sis :)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Brad,
We keep checking the blog and FB and we are so happy that you got to see and be close your new son. I can't even describe the joy we feel in our hearts as we read that you were able to see him for the first time today. We look forward to seeing you soon! you are in our prayers often.