Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello. It's 2am and yep, I'm awake. Can't seem to get this time change down. :) Brad and I had a wonderful day today. We enjoyed moving at our own pace and exploring some local Moscow. We were able to find the supermarket (which is good because now we can get juice and water MUCH cheaper! We both agree that we really like the area of Moscow where we are. People are mostly friendly and no one really stares at us because we are not much diferent then they are (at least until we speak). ;) Even many times, people speak to us in Russian first and then change to English when we try to respond. Many of them even know some English. We received our call today for our second appointment and then after that we will meet our child. We will have the meeting at noon on Thursday (this will be 3:00 am home time on Thursday morning)...for any of you who just happen to be awake then. :) if you like your sleep (as do I... Normally), please just remember to say a prayer for us before bed Wednesday night. At this point, I have no idea what to expect. We know what we came here for (in our plans), but trust that God already knows exactly what is going to really happen Thursday. We know that God had great plans for bringing us here (or it wouldn't have worked out the way that it has ... That alone was a miracle). Looks like one more day of exploring and then... The day we have waited for. :) Please pray for us... As well as the little baby that is about to have a totally rocked world. Can't wait to announce... And we will as soon as we can. Oh, and please also pray for some paperwork that is currently being ordered and worked on at home. Many of the clearances that we still need come from places who don't exactly work on the timeframe that we've been given. We know that God can get those docs to just the right people who can process them quickly and in His time. Love you all! Steph and Brad


Heckert's Highway said...

Praying for those doc's to come in asap and for you to finally get some sleep. Have fun tomorrow...and keep trusting God to take care of all of the details:O) Love you girl!!!

kathy said...

Will be praying for you!! Did your luggage finally get there?

kazdream said...

Yep, we were EXTREMELY happy to see our luggage arrive at our apartment door at about midnight on Monday.