Saturday, November 21, 2009

One year ago today we picked Alia up at the airport in New York and brought her to her new home in the US... here with her family. :) What a year! One year ago, she clung to me because she didn't know what was going on as the baby house director handed her to me, but she seemed to remember me at least a little (it had been a month since we'd seen her). Later, she looked at all who had come to meet us at the airport when we landed in St. Louis with confusion in her eyes.
Today, as we celebrated with family, she ran to meet and hug each one who came in. No more confusion, she understands what it means to be loved... to be... family... and maybe even a little spoiled. :) Too bad every child in the world can't experience that... but I thank God that He brought Alia here and let her (and us) experience "family".
I remember as I put her in HER bed that night one year ago... I sat down on the floor next to her bed (where I had made a little place for me to sleep for a while as she adjusted), I just stared. How was it possible that God could use someone else to bring her into this world, but use Brad and I to be her parents? How was it possible that I could love her so much already? I hardly knew her! But God knew her and He knew Brad and He knew me. I know that even while she was in her birth mother's tummy, God knew who her parents would be. He kept her safe for the first 9 months of her life (and still does). He prepared her for us... and us for her. I believe that with all of my heart.
I'm going to put some more pictures up here soon... check back! Love you all!


rjwb9688 said...

Congrats on your wonderful year and the many more ahead!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs and how your family is doing!! Keep them coming! Have a happy Turkey Day!