Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long time... no pictures...

A day at the Pumpkin patch with some of Alia's
best friends. 2 of the other girls are Kazakh and
one is from Russia. (Left to Right: Lily, Alia,
Alexandra, and Hope)

Tina and Lily came to visit us for a few days.
We had lots of fun and were so happy to see
them. We haven't seen them since we picked
our girls up in New York last year.

A quick family photo...

My little superstar. She knows exactly what
to do with any microphone (and has since she
turned 1)

Halloween .... Alia was Tinkerbell and Landon
was a horse. :) Too cute!

Playing in the leaves... she wasn't too sure
about that.

Aww! She's too sweet.

Hi all!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything out here. I try to wait until someone comments on the last post before I post again. :) Hint Hint...

Anyway, I've received phone calls reminding me that people still check it and that I better get some pictures out here, so here you go.
November 21st we celebrate the day that we brought Alia home last year. I can't believe that it's been a year. Alia has just fit into our family like she's always been here. It's really amazing how God brought this all together. I'll try to put more out here soon... love you all!

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Tina said...

Hey y'all. I'll leave a comment for a change. Aren't our babies just the cutest ever! We had such a great time visiting. Can't wait for you guys to come here. I'm busy preparing for Lily's birthday. I can't believe it's here so fast. Wish y'all could be here. Take care!