Friday, October 3, 2008


So, our countdown has begun... we come home in less than 2 weeks... fun, yet sad...

We have one more visit today and then 2 more days until our official bonding period is complete. We will continue to be able to go visit though. :)
Court is coming up soon... please keep us in your prayers.

We went yesterday and developed some of our photos (which was interesting because the machines look just like Walmart, but are all in Russian... had to go by memory). :) So, we have our first family photos! What if I told you I was holding them up for you to see right now... ;) Sorry... I couldn't pass that up.

Really... we show Alia pictures of our family and friends all the time. She loves to look at pictures. She might be thinking that the pictures look yummy, but... she enjoys it anyway. We go through and tell her everyone's names and how much they love her and can't wait to hold her and spoil her! The funny thing is that Andrew has been given a nickname by the Greshams... he is Uncle DooDoo because the kids have a hard time saying Andrew. Here though.... he is Uncle CahCah (that's how you say it here... in Russian). Are you ready for that Andrew???!!!!

Ok, gotta go!
Steph and Brad and Alia :)


Pudgy Pencils said...

So about those pics - I noticed one of your adopting friends posted up a photo of her baby's ear with a little of her head/hair before she was really "allowed" to show the whole pic - is that an option for you guys!? We are in total suspense here and any "sneak peak" will do!! :D Anyway, we love all three of you and will keep praying, especially about the court date coming up!

nancy h said...

Once you go to court, do you get to take Alia out of the facility or are you still limited to visiting with her on site? And I think Andrew is ready...he went around last Wed. letting everyone know that he was Uncle Doo-Doo...actually, I think we're all ready for the three of you to come home...sending lots of love and prayers your way, till next time.

Kim said...

Yeah.... just tease us like that!
No, really.... we cant wait to see pictures, and the suspence IS killing us, Lol!

The Whole "Uncle Doo Doo" thing is ssoooo funny! I never dreamed that Hannah's mispronunciation was going to make such an impact and "stick" the way it did. (some might even have been offended) But not Andrew! When Andrew texted me to show me a picture of Evalyn, I told him "Congrats Uncle Andrew" and he very quickly corrected me to say that I was wrong, and that he was going to be called Uncle Doo Doo.

(Its funny how "Cah Cah" is somewhat universal... Spanish, Russian, Ethiopian)

I think I like Doo Doo much better :)

becca said...

It is not nice to tease us like that. The whole Uncle CahCah is just to funny.


Miranda said...

We can't wait to see your family pictures!!!!

Miranda and Dan

Heckert's Highway said...

You're getting so close!!! Not much longer:O) I can't wait for you to get home and shoot off an email with pictures of Alia in it for me!!! I'm sad you have to leave though. It just makes it so hard. It sounds like the BH there is much nicer than the original one. She'll be well taken care of.

Did you get my post about contacting my friends about free donations to take back with you? Let me know and I can hook you all up.

Love ya,

Anita said...


Mizzou beat Neb. 52 to 17. The Cubs got swept by the Dodgers. Good sports weekend so far.

Hi girls!

Can't wait to see all of you.

Mom and Dad Davis

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see pictures of your little angel :) I bet she has as much personality as the two of you combined!