Monday, September 17, 2012

New updates from Moscow

Well, Alek has been with us now for about 6 hours. Started out a little rough (he cried quite a bit at the baby house, especially when his favorite care taker came in to say goodbye), but he quickly adjusted. Oddly enough, the first smile was while changing his diaper. :) He LOVES having his diaper changed (I know! Weird right?)! He giggles the whole time (from the time you lay him down until 
you pick him up... & then he's still happy).
He likes electronics more than his toys. He got a hold of my camera and held it up to his ear & said something that sounded like a Russian "hello". He climbs up and down and all around on furniture already.
So far, he's quite happy and easy going (I'm sure that will change on the plane though... He is quite an active little guy). He follows me around all over and cries if I walk away or if nana picks him up (although, he loves to play with nana... As long as she's not holding him). That is a really good sign ... He knows who's the mommy. :)
We went out to dinner tonight and walked one of the very busy streets. He soaked up everything! It's pretty obvious he hasn't been out much.
We skyped with Alia and Brad earlier... Alek kept trying to grab Alia's head. I can't wait until they meet!
All in all... Awesome day! Feeling very confident (even after the rocky start) that he will adjust well & fit in great. He's going to love playing with all of the kids. I think he'll probably be able to keep up & hold his own pretty well. ;)
More tomorrow... Hope you enjoyed the pics! :)
Love you all and totally feeling the prayers! Keep them coming. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you!

amanda vigale said...

So happy that your son is finally in your arms at long last and he is beautiful!!!