Thursday, September 20, 2012


We are completed.  Done.  Finished.  Cleared.  Ready to fly!!  Thank you God for taking care of everything.  Amazing how God worked everything out according to His plan (no problems this all!!).  He must have some big plans for this little guy.  :)  Can't wait to be a part... Thankful He chose me to be in this...:)  Thanks for the prayers.  Now we have all playtime left... Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow, but I think we are heading to Old Arbat..:)

Flying out Saturday morning!


P.S (from Brad) This has been an interesting trip for me too (actually not a trip).  I have worked from home this week and watched Alia while Steph and my mom went to get Alek.  Alia's been great (cough..cough..) most of the time.  :-)  It's been a great time for the two of us.  Thanks to all the family and friends who helped me this week.

There were so many uncertainties through this process, but we both believe that we were called to go.  I knew that He can be trusted to keep us where His Spirit leads us.

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