Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello again... from Russia

Hey, first... sorry for the time without posting.  For some reason, we can only post from certain computers... which is a pain.
So, here's the quick version of what has happened in the last month...
We got home from our first trip, found out that Russia wanted us back for court pretty much 30 days later.  We DESPERATELY tried to get everything turned in and were successful with everything EXCEPT immigration (which happens to be pretty much the most important thing).  We were not able to get it in time for court on July 23.  Then, it was rescheduled for August 20th, then July 31, then August 6th (so, here we are... that one actually "won". :)
Court will be in about 5 hours.  Here's the situation.  There were a few items that were requested very last minute before we left.  Although we tried as hard as possible to get the forms requested, have them notarized, and get them apostilled..., we were unsuccessful.  There just wasn't enough time and the documents are currently at the apostille office. :(  (We, however, are here... in Russia).  We already had everything set to leave, so we left.  Obviously the plane wasn't going to wait for us.
So, in about 5 hours ... we find out.  We pray that what we have will be enough.  We look back to a post during Alia's adoption.  It was the night before court and there was a HUGE paperwork disaster.  We were told that we probably wouldn't be able to complete court (this was not our paperwork issue either... which was the worst part).  All night long we prayed.  The next day, God worked miracles and the documents were not even discussed.  4 years later, here we go again.
We are very thankful that we know God has put all of this together and can work another miracle for Alek.  This whole process has been all about God's miracles and we trust that although it may be unclear right now (and even possibly in the court room), God is in control.  Brad and I have not had any control over the first 15 months of Alek's life and have the same amount of control right now... none.  However, we know that God loves that little baby and has taken care of him up to now... and won't ever stop taking care of him.
So, we will go to court knowing that whatever happens is still in God's plan and we have to trust.  That's all we can do.  We were actually able to get a little bit of rest and we are ready.  We are ready for... whatever God has in store.
We will post as soon as we are back here and have internet connection.
Love you all!
Please pray!
Steph, Brad, Alia, and Alek

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