Monday, August 6, 2012


Court was today.  The missing papers were never even mentioned.  There were normal questions. All of our paperwork, Brad & I, our interpreter, the baby house director, a member of the ministry of education, the judge and just 2 others were present.
Court was scheduled for 12:30.  When we arrived, there was a 10:00 & 10:30 who hadn't even gone in yet.  The wait was long... We had no clue what to expect.  The chairs were about as uncomfortable as our minds. We stood there in the waiting area thinking about what kind of mood the judge might be in.  Was his tummy growling as loud as our tummies were growling?  Finally, it was our turn.  20 minutes later, we heard the word "accept" and then we were dismissed and congratulated. That was it. :) I told Brad that we must have to have paperwork issues just to remind us of how much God is in control.  It's a reminder that our lives are not our own, our children are not our own, our money is not our own, and our plans are not our own.  God's plan is always so much bigger than our own.  Sometimes we can choose to just trust, other times we are forced to trust.  Either way, He deserves our trust, He wants our trust, And at times He demands our trust.  I trusted Him... I just worried a little too. ;).  I also believe that these kinds of troubles increase our prayer lives (& yours too).  I know you were all praying and we are extremely thankful !
Right after court, we were taken to see Alek.  He walked in to the room like such a big boy!  At first he didn't want to come to us.  I don't think he remembered us at all.  We received permission to take him outside.  He didn't warm up to us quickly.  We needed to take a picture for his passport and visa.  I asked if we could wait a while because he seemed terrified.  He stayed quiet and just looked at us very seriously.  Finally, after about 20 minutes ... A smile.  Just then, they came and took him.  Time to eat.  Seriously, 3 minutes later... He's back and doing much better. He was ready to play.  We played, and he laughed.
About 5 minutes before it was time to go, 2 caretakers and 3 little girls came out to play.  Alek immediately took off after them (he's walking super well now).   He followed them right into a little gated area to play.  I quickly figured out that these were his room mates and it was playtime.  He couldn't miss it.  He smiled at us and came back to the gate occasionally to say hi or let us pick him up for a minute.  When his caretaker picked him up, he smiled and laughed.  I knew it was time to go.  He's in good hands until we are invited to come back and get him.  It is definitely going to be an adjustment for that little guy.
Sounds like sometime near the 15th of September we will be welcomed back to get our son (still sounds really weird to say or type that).  I have a whole lot to do to prepare my home and family for the changes ahead, but we are ready to become a family of 4!
Thanks again.  I will hopefully be able to post pictures soon. :)
Brad, Steph, Alia, & Alek


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Soo cool!! Love your stories!!

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Congratulations. so glad everything went well and now the final stage of waiting begins.