Monday, August 17, 2009

18 months!

I can't believe that Alia is 18 months old now!

Time sure is flying! I did have some pictures
taken of her recently, so I'll put them out here as soon as I get them. For now...

Here is a picture of Alia with her cousin Mekelle.
Mekelle was laying in Nana and Papa's room watching tv and Alia just had to join her.

Alia and I went to a little park where there are
some train tracks. There is no real train, but
the caboose is always sitting there. Alia had
lots of fun running from it. Made for a great
picture! Of course... it's not letting me change
the direction of the picture... sorry.

Here's daddy and Alia. Alia is at her very first Vacation Bible School.

... Alia holding her cousin Landon. She sure thinks that she is a big girl. She didn't want to give him back.

All the cousins (so far)... on my side of the family.

At the park...that smile... hard to resist.... actually, impossible. :)

I'll post her 18 month pics when I get them...
I can't believe that we are almost to September 22nd! That was the day that we met her last year. We have almost known her for a year now. What a year! What a blessing!
See you soon!

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Heckert's Highway said...

Seriously, the year goes by so fast!!! She is just beautiful!!! I'm sorry I didn't call you. Life got crazy and we went on vacation. I need to set up another time to call again. Let me know when would be good for you.
I just talked to Teresa yesterday and Sophie is having surgery on Sept 10th. It's a pretty important one...
Give Alia kisses from me and Alea:O)

Love you,