Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh the curls!

I love her hair! It gets curlier and curlier. In the humid, it goes crazy. So cute.

Peek a boo at the park.

Trying to eat in a big girl chair... didn't work so well....

Lovin' the slide... trying to climb up instead
of slide down.

She always looks a bit sick to her stomach
when she swings... hasn't had a problem yet

Copying momma with her sunglasses on her head.

All dressed up by Aunt Julie at the mall.
One COOL baby!

Help me daddy!

Sorry, not much to say today... you really only want the pictures anyway, right? We are having so much fun! Alia is growing and changing every day. It's amazing how quickly she learns.
I'll try to post again really soon.

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Jeff Morris said...

Man she's getting big