Saturday, May 16, 2009

more pics

Alia loves to "borrow" purses and
carry them around. This is Grandma
Ginnie's purse... one of her favorites.
Grandma Ginnie got her a purse of her
own, but she still likes to carry the
real thing. :)

Here is Alia with her Nana and cousin
She likes to wear grandpa's hats.
I LOVE this picture! Her hair is just now getting
long enough to be able to pull up cute (although,
she won't leave it in for long). We were at a friend's
house and she just plopped down on the floor with
her pizza.
This coming week is my first week of part time working and more Alia time. I should have more fun pics for you soon.
Love you all! Steph

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