Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun with Alia...

So far... I'm loving being off more with Alia. She certainly keeps me busy, but... what fun. I have already seen a big change in her ... just in this past week. She is starting to chatter like crazy! She is more willing to go to others because she isn't afraid that I'm going to leave every time she turns around. It just seems that she is doing really well.

Here's some pics of our time this week... I just can't believe how much she is growing!

We went to the zoo with some of my family...
including Alia's cousin. Both girls liked the animals,
but decided that the most fun was at the
fountains... go figure.

Along the walkway...

Mommy, Alia, and the elephant rear... great
picture! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE
the pigtails?! :)

Alia jumping on a little trampline that grandpa
got for her...

Alia singing with our Play Station Karaoke...
she is a pro... go figure. :)

More soon... love you all! By the way... I still read
comments and would love to know if you still check our
site! Hint, hint!!!!!


RichnTamiD said...

Yep, we check it every time we get on here. ours is we post pics of Kaiden and whoever happens to be in the way of the camera at the time ;).
we enjoy the blog and would miss it if you didn't have it or update it.
by the way- we love the pigtails too! she's so cute.
Tammie and Uncle Richard

Jeff Morris said...

I check it at least once/twice a week. Now that I know you like the comments, I'll have to start leaving more!!! :-)

I cant' believe how big she's gotten since I've last seen her. I can't wait to see you guys this Saturday!!!

Take care

Heckert's Highway said...

I love the pigtails too!!! I can't believe how big she is getting. I just love it when they begin chattering. Alea is doing the same thing and she just cracks us up with her own little language she's got going on!!

Give that sweetie girls kisses from her auntie and her cousin Alea:O)
Love you,

Nancy H. said...

Haven't checked for a while...but am seriously sending someone to talk to you about how to cope with eating while in country...wanted to make sure the address was correct so she could check out your blog...