Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi there!!

Alia loves her new micorphone! She knew exactly
what to do with it. I wonder why???
She is a chocolate/ice cream crazy girl!
We started with ice cream cake, but she quickly
gave herself a brain freeze and had a little cry...
so, we took that away and gave her the chocolate. :)
She didn't quite understand why everyone was
singing to her...I think she enjoyed it though.
She missed her morning nap, but she hung in
all the way to the end. :) What a party animal!
We had a little ball pit set up for her...
she enjoyed it.
Some of our friends brought over
their bouncy house... Alia enjoyed
My little drama queen!
She mostly liked jumping when momma was
helping... she was a little scared when it was
just her and the other kids.
She loves to walk... still needs
something to hold on to though.
Alia and her daddy.. Awwww!
Too cute!
Here she is again showing us what to do with
a microphone.
Ok, this is a little outfit that my
sister bought for her. She looked so
cute in it that I had to take a picture!
I just LOVE dressing her. :)
So, Alia is 1!!! I can't believe it! Hope you enjoyed the pics! She seems like she has changed so much in the last month. She has started saying some words (especially mommy, daddy, bye-bye, and duck). She has taken her first steps and is constantly on the go (even though she still requires a finger to hold on to). There are lots of people nearby who love to hold her hand and walk her around. That is a great way to her heart... well, that and chocolate.
I am still amazed every day at what a joy she is! Even now while she is teething and her and mommy have had a few sleepless nights, she is still so sweet. I love when I pick her up out of her bed and she just puts her head on my shoulder and calms down immediately. There is just something so amazing about how much she loves and trusts me.
Anyway... she is asleep and I am tired, so I'm signing off for now...
Talk to you soon...
Steph :)


Pudgy Pencils said...

Looks like the party was a ton of fun! hate that we couldn't be there. The picture with cake all over her face and the adorable hat is too much ;)

teresamartinpike said...

Happy Birthday, Alia!!!
I miss your mommy and Daddy, give them a big hug from Aunt Teresa!