Friday, February 20, 2009

2 sets of photos in one week... that's impressive

For Alia'a first birthday, Brad and I took off
and took her to the Magic House with grandpa,
Uncle Andrew, Aunt Julie, and Aunt Christie.
It was a rainy day, but once we got inside...
we had lots of fun.

We touched the magnetic ball... Alia couldn't
quite figure out why everyone's hair was
sticking straight up. :) Hers didn't go quite
as high because she couldn't directly touch
the ball.

This is the same face that she makes every time
we go outside and it's windy. :) There was quite
a burst of air from this area.

She really loved the water area... it was like
bathtime with her clothes on... good thing we
had extra clothes with us.

We climbed through tunnels...
On a different day, Alia had her first wagon
ride... she had so much fun!
Yet another day...we tried her
chicken outfit on her. It was
supposed to be for halloween, but
we didn't have her yet then so we
wanted to see what it looked like.
For Uncle Andrew's birthday, we went to
Incredible Pizza and ate lots of food and rode
lots of rides. She had lots of fun.
Here's one more fun Magic House picture. :)
We are in the mirror maze.
Well... that's all the pictures for now... We are
heading to Florida soon. We are going to go
to watch some Cardinal Spring Training.
It will be Alia's first time at the beach and
she'll be able to wear some summer clothes. :)
We'll update again soon...
Until then, enjoy these pictures along with the
birthday pictures that we posted the other day.
Steph, Brad, and Alia

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teresamartinpike said...

That IS impressive! I miss you all so much!!!

I didn't get my invitation to Alia's birthday party! lol

Way to go on keeping up the blog, I'm terrible at it.