Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do we really have to come home???

So, I realized as I was packing for our trip to Florida...
the last time I traveled (not counting the quick trip to
N.Y. to pick Alia up and bring her home)... I couldn't
wait to come home! Oh the difference! The weather
here in Florida has been AWESOME! The time with
Alia has been even more AWESOME! Her nana and papa
have enjoyed every minute that we've been here and are
amazed at how well she has done and happy she is. Brad
and I have just really enjoyed having so much time with
her every day.

Alia has been able to play out in the sun, go to her first
Cardinal ballgame, go to the beach, eat some very yummy
fish (she'll never want fish sticks again),and swim in a pool for
the very first time. She likes the games alright (Papa tries
to teach her how the game works... actually holds her
attention for probably a couple of minutes. Her favorite
thing at the ballpark is the Dippin' Dots. She loves her
ice cream! :)

Anway, we only have a couple of days left before it's back
to the real world... we've had such a great trip. Here's some
pictures for you to enjoy!

At first, she didn't know what to think about the
beach. She decided that as long as no one tried
to put her feet in the cold water, it was a pretty
fun place to be.

Some beach time with daddy.

Sportin' her Cardinal's hat.

Some beach time with mommy.

Alia's little "spot" on the beach...

More soon... hope you enjoy these and the 1
year old pictures too!


Heckert's Highway said...

Hi friends!! I know of a family that just got to karaganda and are looking for a place to stay. Their blog address is:
If you could email them and get them as much info as you can, I'm sure they would more than appreciate it. They were just matched with a 20mo old boy. This is their first child and I think the beginning of this trip has been really hard for some reason. They haven't shared the details yet, but I'm sure they could really use a pep talk from someone who has been there, literally! Let me know if you can get in touch with them.

Lots of love,

Heckert's Highway said...

PS~ This family is really good friends with some friends of ours in Texas. Our friends are Aaron and Steph and the couple in Kaz is Aaron and Charity

Anonymous said...

Steph and Brad....what a precious, darling little girl you have! You have ALL hit the jack pot, won the lottery, scored a big one....however you want to phrase it! I am just so incredibly happy for all of you and your families! I can't wait to hear all about your vacation from Nana tomorrow at school!

Love ~ Janie